WordPress Amazon S3 plugin - AWS S3 Pro

Complete and flexible solution to use S3 as CDN on WordPress.

RML Amazon S3 Pro seamlessly integrates a live view of your Amazon S3 buckets into the WordPress Media Library. You can navigate and search through all your media hosted on S3 then quickly insert them in your posts or pages, use them as feature images, or create galleries just as if the media were in your local WordPress Media Library. Seriously, hosting your media library on S3 has never been that easy. You will love RML Amazon S3 Pro!

Bucket Access

Add your Amazon S3 buckets to the WordPress Media Library.


Connect as many buckets as you want and with as many media files as you want. No limit!

Share media across multiple sites

Connecting multiple sites to the same S3 bucket allow you to share the same media across multiple sites.


Easily insert media from your Amazon S3 buckets to any WordPress post or page.


Navigate your bucket content quickly searching by prefix

Folder filter

Navigate your bucket content quickly filtering by folder


Upload directly to your Amazon S3 bucket right from your media library.


Create galleries from Amazon S3 bucket media images. You can even mix images from different buckets in a single gallery.

Access all your S3 Buckets content in a few clicks

Browse quickly through your content with folder and search by prefix filters. Then easily display your media on your site. With this wordpress Amazon S3 plugin, it becomes very easy for content publishers to store media in AWS S3 buckets and display them on their website. This saves bandwidth, speeds up the page load of your site and also allows to keep you media safe in AWS S3 buckets.

Upload directly into your S3 buckets

Upload pictures or videos directly into your S3 buckets without leaving your wordpress media library. The file uploads directly to bucket without using your server bandwith avoiding any server limit you may have.

Set WordPress feature images with a S3 Bucket picture

Browse through your S3 Bucket pictures to set S3 Bucket photo as feature image.