RML for Flickr

This slick Flickr plugin for wordpress makes your job easier.

RML Flickr Pro seamlessly integrates your Flickr photos into the WordPress Media Library providing you with a live view of your Flickr account. You can access all your photos (public or private) and albums from Wordpress without actually hosting them on your server. It works also the other way, you can upload from WordPress directly in your Flickr account.  Give a shot at this carefully made wordpress flickr plugin and you won’t look back!

wordpress flickr plugin


Connect your Flickr account right into the WordPress media library.


Support your Albums in a searchable drop down list within WordPress Media Library.


Navigate through your content quickly with tag, album and/or text search.


Upload from WordPress directly to your Flickr account.


Easily insert Flickr images and videos to any WordPress post or page


Support of multiple image sizes while inserting into your posts.


Create galleries with your Flickr images just like you would with your native wordpress media library

Batch Upload

Upload in batches multiple medias from your media library to your flickr account

Access all your Flickr content in a few clicks

Browse quickly through your content with Albums, Tags, Text Search filters.  Then display your photos on your site. With this wordpress flickr plugin, it becomes very easy for content publishers to store photos on Flickr and display them on their website.  This will save bandwidth, speed up the page load of your site and allow to keep you picture safe inside Flickr.

Upload directly into your Flickr account

Upload pictures or videos directly into your Flickr account without leaving your wordpress media library. The file uploads directly to Flickr without using your server bandwith avoiding any server limit you may have.

Set WordPress Flickr feature images

Browse through your Flickr pictures to set Flickr photo as feature image.